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How to jailbreak iPad 2 iphone 4s 5.0.1 untethered Absinthe ?

How to jailbreak iPad 2 iphone 4s 5.0.1 untethered Absinthe yes now . The Dream Team and Chronic Dev team have released Absinthe untethered jailbreak 5.0.1 iPhone 4S / iPad 2.

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Video iPhone 4S 5.0.1 untethered!

How To Create Custom iOS 5.0.1 IPSW To Preserve iPhone Baseband With PwnageTool 5.0.1 [Unlock Guide]

iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak is here. Recently we have reported how to untether jailbreak all the A4 Devices [iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS] on iOS 5.0.1 using Redsn0w 09.10b1 and Corona 5.0.1 Untether. Now, iPhone Dev Team has released Pwnage Tool 5.0.1 to untether jailbreak all the A4 Devices on iOS 5.0.1 by creating custom IPSW allowing you to preserve your baseband and remain unlocked. Pwnage_Tool_5.0.1_01 Tiếp tục đọc

How To Unlock iPhone 4/3GS On iOS 5.0.1 With Ultrasn0w Fixer ? [Guide]

The iPhone Dev Team has updated Ultrasn0w to version 1.2.4 just two days after the release of the iOS 5. But the team did not update their unlock tool after Apple has released iOS 5.0.1. So some hackers has released “Fix for Ultrasn0w” on iOS 5.0.1. Tiếp tục đọc

iTether: iPhone App That Offers Unlimited Tethering For a One-Time Fee Briefly Approved By Apple

Apple has approved a tethering application from called iTether in the App Store. The iPhone app is a companion app for the Mac and PC versions, which allows users to use their iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet on a Mac or PC over USB. Tiếp tục đọc

Hướng dẫn cách cài đặt Siri cho iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1

Tính năng Siri trên iPhone 4S giúp chúng ta có thể nói chuyện với điện thoại và ra lệnh cho nó một cách dễ dàng. Nhưng một điều khá buồn là Apple không hỗ trợ Siri trên các máy iOS cũ, kể cả iPhone 4. Bài viết sau đây sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cài đặt Siri lên iPhone 3GS và iPhone 4 chạy iOS 5.0.1. Tiếp tục đọc